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Partners that use OrgXO to unlock the power of their people networks
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Why is OrgXO valuable to your organization?

Shaping culture change

By leveraging the clusters of collaboration and relationships that shape and reinforce culture in different parts of the organization.

Manage change more effectively

Better understand the potential impact of change initiatives and develop strategies to manage change effectively

Onboarding and talent management

Helps identify high-potential employees and emerging leaders and leverage this information to develop targeted development plans and succession planning strategies.

Enhance performance management systems

When integrated with existing performance management systems, OrgXO provides a more complete view of employee performance, identifying high-performing teams, targeted training and development, and facilitating feedback and coaching.

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OrgXO Features

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Hierarchy vs. Network

Despite contrasting approaches, Hierarchy and Network structures are complimentary. With OrgXO you can discover and leverage the strengths and unique benefits of both structures to maximize your team's potential.

“X-ray” the inner workings of your organization

Gain a wholistic perspective by visualizing the patterns and dynamics of employees' collaboration beyond formal hierarchical structures and departmental silos, and understand why “birds of a feather flock together”

Discover the “small worlds” that make the company run

Network structures are not random. They are made of and assembled into communities or “small worlds” that connect with each other across departmental boundaries and formal structures.

Uncover and engage your Influencers

Tap into the organization's collaboration networks to identify key influencers. Empower them to take ownership by providing the necessary resources, a sense of purpose, autonomy, and trust.
Hierarchy vs. Network
Small Worlds
Small Worlds
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Who is it for?

CEOs, HR leaders, and Senior decision-makers 

Gain critical insights into how your employees truly collaborate, who are the real influencers and where the bottlenecks are located.

When employees are properly connected, they work and perform better.

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Consultancy and training companies & Agile Coaches

Deliver more impact to your clients and expand your service offering.

With OrgXO, you can better diagnose your clients’ internal dynamics, and get actionable insights on how to drive successful organizational transformations.

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Venture Capital & Private Equity Fund Managers

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a company from a human network perspective as part of the Due Diligence process.

Uncover the change agents and influencers that make or break integration efforts in any M&A.

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Selected use cases

OrgXO empowers you to assess your organization from various angles, uncover hidden collaboration patterns and opportunities before, during or after a major change program and understand your organization better.

Discover and understand the hidden network

Before you start your next change or organizational (re)design project, make sure you understand the hidden patterns of collaboration and effective communication to ensure success.

Spot influencers, energizers, and key people

Identify the informal influencers and key people that can act as change agents inside your organization. Ensure that you work with your top talent most effectively.

Spot bottlenecks

Leaders often lack the visibility to pinpoint bottlenecks, and employees (even if they are top talent) might be reluctant to raise concerns. OrgXO gives you the right data to easily identify and remove bottlenecks and boost productivity.

Individualized employee assessment and dashboard

Our intuitive Tooltip feature gives a holistic perspective on each employee, thus allowing you to understand each role and individual contribution to the overall organizational network.

Customized 1:1 feedback matrix

No guesses or instincts. Get an accurate, comprehensive picture of each employee's collaboration patterns across the organization and enrich findings from other HR assessment tools.

Spot interdependencies across key people or key departments

Interdependence builds cooperation and is essential for building high-performance organizations. Use OrgXO to identify the most reliable people that promote collaboration at all levels.


Our process

adapted to the way you work

1. Initial discovery call

Let us hear about your organization's transformation challenges and understand how OrgXO can help you overcome them and achieve your goals.

2. User-friendly onboarding process

It takes about 30 minutes to onboard. There is no need for laborious onboarding, our tool is intuitive and easy to use.

3. Data gathering

By investing 20 minutes of your employee’s time, you will have a comprehensive visual representation of how your organization works, where opportunities and threats lay, and you can start making better-informed decisions.

What makes the OrgXO platform stand out

A visual and dynamic tool

with OrgXO you can look at your organization from different angles in real time. The people, networks and connections are displayed as an interactive map, not as static text or graphs, so you can spot issues with ease.

Get full transparency on the networks of influence and trust in your organization

Unlike our competitors, who use complicated surveys, we focus on key questions and give you the insights that matter to help correctly diagnose problems.

100% security and confidentiality guaranteed

We understand privacy concerns. We are GDPR compliant and we always manage sensitive company and employee data with the utmost care.

Fast delivery of results

Once your employees complete the OrgXO survey, it takes about 24 hours to map your organizational networks.

Intuitive and easy-to-use platform

You won't need specialized expertise or lengthy onboarding to use OrgXO.


analysis tool that easily integrates with existing HR assessment tools and talent management solutions.


Partner with us!

Whether a High-end or a Boutique Consultancy or Training Company, a Mentor, or a Business Coach, OrgXO is here to serve you and add value to your work. OrgXO provides valuable insights into internal organization dynamics, empowering you to deliver successful projects and better serve you and your clients. Join us now to take advantage of our proven solutions that lead to increased client satisfaction

Our partners love OrgXO because

It helps differentiate themselves in a competitive market by providing a more sophisticated and effective approach to organizational analysis and transformation.

It enables them to go beyond traditional org charts. By mapping both informal and formal networks they can make targeted, cost-effective recommendations tailored to the actual communication and collaboration patterns.

It generates repeat business and referrals, as well as a new revenue stream based on a sound revenue-shared partnership model.


What our customers and partners say

"The rapid evolution, the organic growth, the acquisition of companies and the expansion of Superbet to other territories, made it difficult to keep track of how the organization operates as a whole. ​OrgXO was instrumental in capturing the organization’s nervous system, how collaboration happens in reality, beyond the formal structures and hierarchies. ​OrgXO is a must in any successful transformation initiative." Read more

Sacha Dragic

Founder and Executive Chairman, SUPERBET

OrgXO manages to bring something new and extremely useful to organizations. It shows us the true complexity of the networks we work in and provides us with highly relevant information about our network's effectiveness, vulnerabilities and who the key people in the organization are. OrgXo will become an important tool for us in organizational culture change projects in various organizations, as a generator of insights and a deeper understanding of internal dynamics. Read more

Andrei Ristea


"I highly recommend the OrgXO experience to those interested in learning in detail how they can continuously improve their organizational performance without compromise, while increasing the level of trust, quality and value of the people in the organization. " Read more

Ștefan Ponea

Founder & CEO, Mateco

"OrgXO is a very reliable tool to diagnose internal collaboration and, therefore, I highly recommend it to all those interested in increasing organizational performance, including most of our portfolio companies." Read more

Alexandru Voicu

CEO, SAI Certinvest

Ready to unlock the power of your hidden networks and boost organizational performance?

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